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Since 2016 The Foundation has held a fundraising event at the NAME annual meeting. Tickets that are sold benefit our research and educational efforts. In addition, the Foundation sponsors the Best Student Presentation awards, the Best Resident Awards, and multiple travel stipends each year for students who present and submit a paper for publication. See the "Awards" tab for a listing of awardees.

The Foundation also hosts a 50-50 drawing where 50% of the proceeds goes to the Endowment Fund. In addition there is a silent auction where donors submit items which are purchased by members at the meeting. The donor receives the credit of a non-cash donation to the Foundation of the fair market value (FMV) of the item (or the purchase price if less) and the purchaser receives the credit of a cash donation to the Foundation of the amount paid in excess of the FMV.

2019 NAME Meeting

The 50-50 drawing brought in $400. 

The Silent Auction generated $7,590. 

2019 Foundation Fundraiser

Andrew Baker on "The 9-11 Attack on American Airlines Flight 77 and the Pentagon"

2018 Foundation Fundraiser

Chris Milroy on "Murder, Mayhem and Mystery"

2017 Foundation Fundraiser

Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran and Christopher Rogers on the Michael Jackson Investigation

2016 Foundation Fundraiser

Jan Garavaglia (Dr. G) on her life and career (introduced by Andy Baker) 

SAGE Journals is the publisher of Academic Forensic Pathology, the official journal of the NAME Foundation.

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