NAME Foundation

SAGE Journals is the publisher of Academic Forensic Pathology, the official journal of the NAME Foundation.


Membership/Nominating - Butts, Felo, Fierro, Greenwald, McNally

Bylaws and Policy - Hanzlick, McNally, Nashelsky, Prahlow, Schmunk

Finance - Felo, Graham, McNally, Nashelsky

Fundraising and Advocacy - Greenwald, McNally, Milroy, Prahlow, Rieders, Siebert, Wetzler

Newsletter - McNally, Noguchi, Prahlow

Silent Auction - Felo, Garavaglia, Martin, McNally

Education - Martin, McNally, Miller, Milroy, Prahlow, Rieders, Sexton

Research - Felo, McNally, Milroy, Prahlow

History - Butts, Fierro, Hanzlick, McNally, Noguchi, Schmunk, Sexton

Long Range Planning - Garavaglia, McNally, Noguchi, Prahlow, Rieders, Schmunk

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