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On the following form, please enter your total donation in the Amount (US$) field.

Note: To make a corporate/institutional donation check the box at the bottom of the form.

If you wish to designate a fund for your donation, please enter how the donation is to be distributed using the checkboxes below the amount box. If no fund is designated, the donation will be entirely distributed to the Unrestricted fund. To donate to multiple funds, separate donations are required.

To donate to the foundation in the name of another member, please indicate the member name in the comment box along with the words "donation in the name of - xxxx". The site administrator will then credit the donation to the other member's account. 

Please also indicate if you wish to remain anonymous.

Note that any donation of less than the minimum annual donation ($50 for individuals, $250 for institutions) will not qualify the donor for membership in the NAME Foundation or any benefits of membership.

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"Lifetime" cumulative donations are recognized by the Foundation at the following levels:

  • Bronze $100 - 499 

  • Silver $500 - 999 

  • Gold $1000 - 4999 

  • Platinum $5000 - 9999 

  • Noguchi $10,000


NAME Foundation Institutional Members (designated as Supporting Institutional Members): Institutional members (NFIM) include corporations which have interest in forensic pathology and death investigation because they receive revenues as a result of forensic pathology and death investigation practice or recognize the value of forensic pathology and death investigation to society. Examples of applicable institutions include commercial laboratories or vendors which provide services and supplies to medical examiner or coroner offices, charitable corporations whose work is in part derived from information provided by coroner or medical examiner offices, insurance companies, law firms, the entertainment industry, media, Universities and foundations which promote research based on medical examiner and coroner data. Corporate members may provide pre-arranged matching funds based on donations made by NAME members who are also Foundation members, but not corporate member donors or legacy donors.

The Supporting Institutional Members may join the Foundation at the following levels of contribution:

  • Bronze $250 (minimum contribution)
  • Silver $500
  • Gold $1,000

Non-NAME Members

Non-NAME Members of the NAME Foundation (designated as Supporting Members): Such members (NNFM) may include persons of talent, capability, and/or celebrity status with a positive image, other benefactors, or persons who are grateful for past services provided by forensic pathologists and death investigation systems. These members may serve as ambassadors who increase public awareness of the Foundation and its goals, and also recruit donations to the Foundation in support of research, education, and other Foundation goals. This may include recruitment of individual or corporate legacy donors and the establishment of memorial funds. Such members also work with volunteers to organize and conduct fund raising projects and events to benefit the Foundation.

The Supporting Members may join the Foundation with a $50 annual contribution.

SAGE Journals is the publisher of Academic Forensic Pathology, the official journal of the NAME Foundation.

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