NAME Foundation

2019 NAME Foundation Awards

John Pless Best Student Presentation

Kasey Kreutz – Poster “Reducing Laboratory Rejection Rates of Postmortem Specimens at a County Medical Examiner’s Office”

Sarah Sweet – Platform “Freddie Gray- How One Death Changed the City of Baltimore”

John Smialek Best Resident Paper

Daniel C. Butler, M.D. – Platform – “Placental Refractile Material Identified in Three Cases of Intrauterine Demise Due to Known, Reported, and Suspected Misoprostol Use”

Kimberly M. Johnson, M.D. – Poster “Critical Analysis of Laboratory Testing Methodologies When Interpreting Conflicting Results at Autopsy”

Susan P. Baker Public Health Impact Award – Sponsored by the Maryland Medical Legal Foundation

Kathryn Pinneri, M.D. “Beyond the Autopsy:  Postmortem Familial Variant Testing”


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